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Renting an apartment is not an easy job, there is a lot of hassle and research you have to go through to find the ideal one.

Many people make plans to rent an apartment but most of them don’t even know what their requirements are and what type or size of apartment will be suitable for them that fulfill their day to day living needs too. This is reason why we come up with an idea of creating a well-specified checklist that will include elementary requirements and liking’s which will make your task of finding an ideal apartment much easier.

Your checklist should include:

The foremost element that should be in your checklist is the location of the apartment and especially the neighborhood. You should also check if the area and surroundings are safe and the apartment itself is secure enough or not.

Another condition that used to influence the selection of apartment for most of the people is the ease of accessibility to frequently visited destinations or areas. Let say, how long it will take to reach your place of work, is there any grocery or convenient store, or a gas station in a nearby street.

What are the facilities and amenities that are being provided by the apartment? This will include basic aspects of apartment like secured accessibility to the apartment unit, laundry facilities, fire safety, parking, furnishings, garbage disposal system are few of them.

Other issues that have significant importance and requires discussion with the landlord should also be included in the checklist, for example inquiries about refund policy, security deposit, issues about maintenance and repairs, if furnishings are available then whether they will be a part of rent or will be paid separately. These are some of the questions and materials that must need to be discussed with the property owner before finalizing the deal.

It is important for you to make yourself and your family members acquainted with the rules of apartment complex regarding the maximum number of occupants that are permitted to stay in a single apartment unit and whether you are allowed to share it with someone else, you should also ask the landlord if pets are allowed or not. In addition to these, ask the apartment property manager if there are any restrictions on holding parties or not.

Making a record about the condition of the unit when you are moving into the apartment is also essential for your own safety. This way, you will be able to track down the damages or harms done to the house after moving. This might seems to be a time-eating task but actually it isn’t because the best way to easily record all the things is to divide them into contents and features for each room. Contents will include appliances, furnishings and other similar items whereas the features will include light switches, outlets etc. Once the list is prepared and everything is noted down then the sheet should be documented and signed by the landlord so that you can avoid accountability issues while leaving the apartment.

Good luck in your apartment search and remember, the Live Realty Boston agents are available to answer any questions and concerns you might have.

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