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LaRay Brison

Licensed Real Estate Agent

(617) 959-2737

LaRay Brison, a native of Boston, Massachusetts, whose passion for Real Estate development evolved when she was young, casing spaces and places for trees and clubhouses in Dorchester, MA. LaRay understood that to build a desired tree/clubhouse money would be required. At the age of 12, LaRay started her duffle bag convenience store, where she quickly learned about needs, wants, and competition. LaRay has worked in retail where she sold running shoes, local government in the Economic Development and Resilience & Racial Equity departments,--for-profit, and nonprofit organizations; that focused on housing, housing advocacy, health, and economic prosperity, where she gained an array of transferable knowledge that will allow her to help you find your next new living sanctuary. LaRay is a LEED Green Associate, is passionate about urban farming, architecture, landscape architecture, and all things sports-related. LaRay is a graduate from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, where she studied Architecture and Urbanism and is a self-proclaimed intramural champion. LaRay is here to listen, and here to help you!

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